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Mexico Trip – Part 3 – La Paz

Day 12 (continued) & Day 13:

After leaving the ship, we rented a Jeep and packed it for the final destination on this trip.  La Paz, Mexico.


Getting out of Cabo was easy enough.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good the highway was.  Not quite as well engineered as US highways, but pretty good.  About half the trip on Highway 19 ran along the coast, so the view was great.  Two hours later we arrived in La Paz and found the resort to our liking.

The original reason for going to La Paz was to visit the Los Islotes sea lion colony.  Since our live-aboard already took us there as few days earlier, we decided to pass on making another trip out there.  So, we headed into town and bummed around the resort for a couple of days.

Driving in La Paz was interesting…  Lets just say they’re not big on lane markings or stop signs.  The cops drive Kawasaki motorcycles though, must help with their street cred.

Day 14:

Last full day of vacation.  Got on the road around 11AM heading back to Cabo San Lucas for our return flight to the US the next day.  Decided to stop in Todos Santos to break up the drive.  Some people say this is where ‘Hotel California’ from the Eagles song is located.  Yes, it off a ‘dark desert highway’ and there’s probably a mission bell someplace, but the band has said that myth is not true.  It’s a touristy town with lots of artists selling their pieces.  We ate at the hotel, window shopped for a bit and grabbed a few snaps before heading out.  Wished our stay was longer.

We got back into Cabo before sunset to return the Jeep and check into a hotel for one last night in Mexico.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the trip as much as we did experiencing it.  Take care.

Karen gets credit for all the photos without a watermark.  She doesn't agree, but she tells a story that captures a lot of the smaller, intimate moments with her photos better than I do.  Thanks baby.

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  1. Looks like a great trip and one you should remember for quite a while. As I have said before I like the mix of images and text supporting the experience.

    Bravo to Karen on her 100th dive and her graduating honors, very impressive.

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