Juvenile Spotted Moray Eel

Day Trip to Blue Heron Bridge

One advantage of being with a company 24 years is accumulating a lot of vacation time.  The hard part is finding time to use it.  With the Florida temps dropping below the “%$&* it’s out here!” level and it being a light work week, Iast Monday was a good day to play hooky.

It had been a month and half since I last dove (and last blog post), so where to go?  Fort Lauderdale?  A bit too far.  Key Largo?  Even further and was just there.  Palm Beach, Hmmm.  Shore dive or boat trip?  The boat diving and reefs are great, but had not done a beach dive in a while.  That narrowed it down…  Blue Heron Bridge.

For those who don’t know, Blue Heron Bridge basically connects West Palm Beach with Singer Island.  It’s a great dive spot with a unique combination of all the right elements.  Easy beach access.  Large tidal flow for the underwater residents.  Lots of structure for the little critters to hide from the big critters.  And trash.  We think tires, beer bottles and shopping carts are junk, but they’re a perfect hiding place for juvenile fish.  Lets just say there’s plenty of hiding spots at BHB.

Despite the 6AM departure time and the ban on lobstering, a little needling got Spencer on board for the trip.  We got there a little after 10AM, scoped the place out and suited up.  Here’s a little of what we saw.  Hope you enjoy.

Spencer gets most of the credit for finding these.  I’ve been to BHB several times and spotted none of them.  He found them with ease.

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