Mexico Trip – Part 3 – La Paz

Day 12 (continued) & Day 13:

After leaving the ship, we rented a Jeep and packed it for the final destination on this trip.  La Paz, Mexico.


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Mexico Trip – Part 2 – On The Nautilus Explorer

Day 4:

Despite the Nautilus Explorer being a good sized live-aboard, it’s a long trip out to Socorro (about 240 miles), so our first day was entirely at sea.

Socorro Island is one of four islands that make up the Revillagigedo Islands, the others being Roca Partida, San Benedicto and Clarión.

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Mexico Trip – Part 1 – Cabo San Lucas

Our Mexico trip began about a year and a half ago as a conversation with our friends Julie & Craig Dietrich.  Craig was telling us about an amazing dive trip he’d done to the Socorro Islands off the coast of Baja California in Mexico:  “Manta Rays!  Humpback Whales!  Sharks!  I’m telling you.  You GOTTA go!”.
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Weekend Dive Trip

Hi all.  Finally managed to catch up on some photos from a dive trip to Blue Heron Bridge and Boynton Beach we took back in late June.

I had not been to Blue Heron since last year, so it was good to be back.

Want to thank World of Water in Tampa for setting up the Boynton Beach part of this trip.  Scott took care of us as usual.  J.R. and Edgar made the trip a blast.  Splashdown divers provided the ride.
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Three Sisters Springs

Last Friday I made time to visit Crystal River, FL to swim with the manatees.  Karen & I had been there back in early 2013 on an exceptionally cold day, where we visited King Springs and Three Sisters Springs.  While we saw manatees, the water clarity was not great at King Springs and I didn’t bring the camera to Three Sisters which I later found out had the great visibility I wanted.  Knowing what to expect, I headed directly to Three Sisters this time.
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Day Trip to Blue Heron Bridge

One advantage of being with a company 24 years is accumulating a lot of vacation time.  The hard part is finding time to use it.  With the Florida temps dropping below the “%$&* it’s out here!” level and it being a light work week, Iast Monday was a good day to play hooky.

It had been a month and half since I last dove (and last blog post), so where to go?  Fort Lauderdale?  A bit too far.  Key Largo?  Even further and was just there.  Palm Beach, Hmmm.  Shore dive or boat trip?  The boat diving and reefs are great, but had not done a beach dive in a while.  That narrowed it down…  Blue Heron Bridge.
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Dive Fest 2014 – Recap from Days 3, 4, & 5

The start of Day #3 sent us to our northern most dives sites on the trip.  Both on Elbow Reef, Mike’s Wreck and City of Washington are popular spots.  Mike’s Wreck is the remains of an unknown steel ship.  Contrasting that is City of Washington, which in 1898 was anchored in Havana Harbor near the USS Maine when it blew up.  The Washington was damaged by burning debris from the Maine.  After being a troop transport during the Spanish-American war, she was converted to a coal barge.  While being towed in 1917, she struck Elbow Reef and quickly sank.
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Dive Fest 2014 – Recap from Days 1 & 2

It was that time of year again.  Dive Fest time.  An annual foray to indulge in warm, clear saltwater and good times with friends.

With sandals, shorts and t-shirts ready and dive gear packed we loaded up for the drive south to Key Largo.  Spencer arrived at the crack of 10AM.  I always envy his ‘white trash’ luggage (a.k.a. laundry basket), which makes for easy packing.  After some rearranging of the truck we were off to meet up with Carol & Mike to start the caravan.  Back for their second year, they’d been a great addition to the Dive Fest crew.
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Belize Aggressor III Live Aboard Trip

Thought I’d put up a few images from our vacation in to Belize.  We really enjoyed the trip on the Belize Aggressor III Live Aboard.  Great crew and follow guests.
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